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THE THOMAS WINDOM GROUP, INC. is an Illinois based Public Policy, Research and Analysis, Government Affairs and Political Consulting Firm. We offer fresh perspectives, creative problem solving, and insights gained from years of experience to develop and execute programs to reach a variety of audiences on behalf of our clientele.


At THE GROUP, we effectively and efficiently represent the needs and interests of our Clients whether as a part of a long term business plan or as a desired short term outcome. Our institutional knowledge and experience will make us a valuable part of your team.

TWG Principal
President and Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Stanley Watkins is a 44 year veteran of electoral politics and government affairs. Rev. Watkins worked for the United States House of Representatives for nearly 21 years, retiring in April, 2016 as the Chief of Staff in Washington, DC for U. S. Representative Bobby L. Rush. Rev. Watkins also served as Chicago District Director, Senior Legislative Assistant and Executive Assistant for Mr. Rush. Prior to working in the U.S. House, he also worked for Mr. Rush in the Chicago City Council from 1984-1993.

Rev. Watkins has focused extensively on public policy matters including Transportation and Infrastructure and Minority Economic and Business Development. He is an experienced political consultant and analyst, managing political campaigns at the local, state and national levels and is a former Member of the Democratic National Committee and Superdelegate to the 1988 Democratic National Convention.

A 2003 graduate of the Chicago Baptist Institute with a Bachelor of Theology degree and a 1978 graduate of Monmouth College with Bachelor of Arts degree in Government, Rev. Watkins also serves as Associate Minister at the New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago.

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